Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spring Flower Wreath


You will need:
Styrofoam wreath
"Fun Fur" in a green/lime color
Small fake flowers
Hot glue gun/other glue of some sort
To start this project, I grabbed one of these green wreaths from Michaels, because I figured if I missed any spots while wrapping my yarn, at least it would still be green:

I purchased my "Fun Fur" from a nearby Joanne's, it can also be found online on Amazon here:

So, I plopped myself down in front of my TV to watch an episode of The Bachelor and got to work wrapping my yarn around my wreath. Along the way while wrapping, every inch or so I secured a line of the yarn down with a dot of hot glue, just to keep the finished product from sliding around too much.

After about 20 minutes, this is what I had:

It gets pretty annoying and time consuming, and of course my yarn kept wrapping itself into death knots of doom that took forever to get undone. After about an hour I finally had my weird fluffy green circle:

Then I hot glued on flowers that I cut off of one bunch of little yellow flowers that I purchased from Michaels, and attached a piece of left over ribbon that I had. I ended up not gluing the ribbon onto the wreath in any permanent way, so I could change it up in the future if I ever wanted to!

Click here to get to my original Pinterest post of this and re-pin away!

Recently I also saw this variation on this wreath and thought it was super cute:

This would be basically the same steps, but attach little lady bugs instead of the flowers!


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