Sunday, August 11, 2013

"Love makes the world go 'round" Globe Craft

You will need:
A world globe
Letter stickers
Spray paint

I got the idea for this craft when I saw a chalkboard painted globe, but that didn't really suit my taste, so I thought I would instead use the idea I always see on Pinterest of putting letters on a canvas and painting over, then peeling back the letters so you can see the print below.

I nabbed this globe from a friend's garage sale for $2 (it was $1- but I gave her an extra for letting me have it even though someone else had expressed interest! Thanks again Hannah!), but I'm sure they are also all over at thrift shops and garage sales.

I had left over blue spray paint from a previous craft:

So my only real expense was to buy the letter stickers from a craft store. Most people probably have extra letters laying around, but I'm just starting to build up my craft supplies. 

So, I stuck my stickers on my globe:

 I suggest doing it over a large continent like Europe, because if it's just over an ocean you won't have much exciting to look at when the letters peel away!

Unfortunately, I couldn't get my globe to come off of the holder like you usually can, so I had to protect my holder with blue tape while spray painting. Most globes should be able to be removed from the holder, and usually can be pulled in half, which would make it even easier!

The last step is to peel back the letters! Unfortunately, the letters I picked for my big "LOVE," ended up being problematic and tore off some of the map below since it is a fairly old globe. So be careful for that!

I also sprayed my globe with a layer of hi-gloss lacquer. Not necessary, but always helps to protect from the paint scraping off!

The final product:

Here's a video of the finished product as well from my Instagram:

Click here to get to my original Pinterest post of this craft and re-pin away!

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