Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baseball-Inspired Headband Upgrade

You will need:
An old headband
Strip of white fabric
Embroidery floss in team's colors
Hot glue/Other form of glue
Ribbon in team color

I had been wanting a cute baseball accessory to wear to games, because in Seattle I often need a sweatshirt or cardigan during games- and that covers up the cute team shirts and tank tops that you wear to games!

I also went through a pretty big headband faze in high school, but as an twenty-something year old young professional, don't ever wear headbands anymore. So, I came up with the perfect craft idea!

I had a pretty boring old headband, almost identical to this one, that was close to being tossed or donated, but now gets to have a brand new life:

So I went to the closest fabric store and bought some plain ol' white fabric, the smallest section I could buy. I also painted the headband with some random white craft paint I had sitting around, so the brown color would not show through with white fabric on top.

Next, I bought embroidery floss in my teams' colors (Go Mariners!!!)

The first step was to hand-sew a baseball stitch pattern into a piece of white fabric. I did one color down each side, but you could also alternate!

  (Styling in my white Pi Beta Phi sweatpants)

Apply a line of hot glue (or other form of glue) on the reverse side along the stitches, and then apply the fabric to the headband:

Next, fold over fabric and secure along bottom of headband with hot glue (or other form of glue), and glue a ribbon to the underside of the headband if you want to hide the fabric lines (although no one will see them when it’s on your head anyway!)

Take me out to the ball game!

Click here to get to my original Pinterest post of this craft and re-pin away!

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