Thursday, August 8, 2013

Scrabble Letter Ornaments


You will need:
Scrabble tiles
Cardboard or some other backdrop
Hot glue gun
The first thing you will need is obviously Scrabble tiles! Since I didn't feel like destroying my own Scrabble game, I purchased the tiles off of Amazon. There are a lot of different options and sellers here!
After playing around with the letters, and trying to figure out how I could use the most of them to make as many ornaments as possible- I got to work! I made a total of 8, but unfortunately did not take a picture of the ones I gifted to my brother.
The first thing you will need is a backing on which to secure the letters. If you could get your hands on the perfect size of wood or something strong that would be ideal. However, I simply used pieces of a cardboard box that I cut to size.
If the backing you use is flimsy (like cardboard), I suggest super gluing the tiles not only to the backing, but also on the sides to the other letters. This will keep them from bending and separating apart along the creases!
I then used some cute leftover wrapping ribbon and secured it in a loop to the back with a dot of hot glue.
Additionally, I painted the back of the cardboard red, so if they flip around on the tree they won't look awful (picture will come during next Christmas time when my parents bring these out, as they were a gift to them). I think I will update them this year and glitter the backs instead, I just hadn't thought about that at the time!

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