Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY Chevron Picture Frame Upgrade

Like every other Pinterest addicted girl out there- I am currently addicted to chevron and not afraid to admit it. I also have a bunch of old frames from my Middle School/High School years that I'm just not a big fan of anymore. So with the leftover fabric from my cubicle remodel (post coming soon), I decided to upgrade one of my frames!
Here's what it started out as:
So, you'll want to remove the glass from the frame first. If you can completely remove the backing that would help! Mine was attached on one side so it made the inside section a little harder, but it wasn't too bad.
Next, cut out a piece of fabric about one inch larger than your frame on each side.

When I first draped my fabric over my frame, I noticed it was a bit sheer and you could see the pink and the stripes through it, so I painted the entire frame with a layer of random white crafting paint I had laying around.
Next, wrap fabric around frame like a present, secure on the sides with super glue or another type of glue.

Cut out the fabric in the center of the frame to a rectangle leaving about 1/4 inch hanging over the edge. Also, cut slits from the center all the way to the corners so you can fold the fabric in.

Fold in fabric and super glue it. Add back glass and picture!

Click here to get to my original Pinterest post of this craft and re-pin away!

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