Friday, August 9, 2013

Ombre Wine Cork Heart!


You will need:
Wine corks
A wooden backdrop (see suggestion below)
Hot glue gun, or some other form of glue

When I decided I wanted to make a wine cork heart, I searched for a long time in all the nearby craft stores and online for a nice big wooden heart to use for this craft that wasn't super expensive, and failed miserably.
Finally I came across the website Yes, it sounds like an intense Christian site, but it has nice wood cut outs of almost any shape you could want!

There are a few different heart shapes, but I bought the 18 inch version of this one, and it was only $9.50! Prices vary by size:
Psst... They just e-mailed me a 25% off code "October25" that is supposed to be good through 12/31/13!

Between me, my roommate, and my parents- we drink quite a bit of wine. After about 3 or 4 months of collecting I got all excited and laid out my corks on my wooden heart...

And it covered about 1/4th of the thing.

I couldn't imagine waiting another full YEAR to finish this craft- all my vases were already over flowing with corks in the apartment. So I did a little Google search for used corks (cheating, I know. But SO worth it.)

The best place I can possibly recommend is:

This place is muy fabuloso because it gives you the option to order all red or all white wine corks. Since I most drink white wine, I was lacking a bit in the red stained cork department for the creation of my ombre heart, so I ordered 100 red wine corks.
 you can say if you want red or wine corks- so whichever you need more of for your ombre you can order (for me, I needed some more red!)
So once I had all the corks I needed, I laid them all out on my table and started to organize by shade of red until I had a little red wine cork rainbow. 
Then, I started at the top of the heart with the darkest reds and laid out all of my corks.
One they were all in position, I added a dot of hot glue to the bottom of each cork and glued them into position!
Now I have this lovely wine cork heart, and it's still sitting in my apartment because I'm not sure where I want to hang it! (I'm thinking next to my hanging wine rack?)

Click here to get to my original Pinterest post of this craft and re-pin away!

Here it is up on my wall with my hollow wine cork heart:

 (I also spy my globe craft!)
Have left over wine corks and need some other project ideas? How about:
Hollow wine cork heart


  1. The DIY Wine Cork Heart is so cool. Featured you on Homemade Wine Cork Crafts

  2. How did you hang it? Did u add a hook? Is it secure? Love this! Can't wait to do it.

    1. I drilled holes directly into the wood backing to hang on nails in the wall and it remained very secure.

  3. Approximately how many corks total did it take?

    1. Unfortunately I did not count them. As an educated guess I would think about 300?

    2. Awesome, thanks! This will totally help me win @ Christmas :D

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