Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY Washable Glittered Champagne Flutes!

You will need:
Champagne flutes or wine glasses
Painters tape
Mod Podge
Spray hi-gloss Lacquer
From my love for glitter comes these glitter champagne flutes that are WASHABLE! (by hand) First, purchase champagne flutes from anywhere- I got mine from Good Will for $.69 each!

Next, apply blue painters tape around the stem of the glass. Below the tape, apply Mod Podge and then a layer of your favorite glitter. Remove tape.
Once it is dry, spray the glittered portion with a hi gloss lacquer to make them washable (by HAND!!), and to keep the glitter from falling off whenever you touch it. Cover up the top of the glass with a plastic bag when spraying so that the area you drink off of doesn't get any of the lacquer on it.
Glass can now be hand washed without the glitter coming off! :)
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