Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY Lace Pocket Shorts!

You will need:
A pair of shorts
Some lace
A needle
White thread
Fabric pins

Deeper and more intense than my love for chevron is my love for anything and everything lace. So I attempted in vain to find some cute lace pocket shorts in the spring, and couldn't find any that weren't on super light denim- which is not flattering and just not to my taste.
So I bought these handy little shorts for $12 from Forever21:
And a piece of lace from the nearby fabric store.
The first step was to lay the lace out on the pockets, and draw on the lace with a pen an outline just a little bit bigger than the size of the pocket I wanted.
Next, I cut out the lace on the inside of the pen mark, and pinned the shapes onto my shorts pockets:

Then I sewed along the entire pocket by hand to attach the lace. Be sure that on the top part you don't sew through the entire short, and only do it through the denim that makes up the pocket so you don't sew shut the pocket and you can still use it!
Unfortunately, I originally tried this with fabric glue, but the lace came off completely when I washed them. I have washed them a few time since sewing them and they've come out fine!
Me wearing the finished product:
Click here to get to my original Pinterest post of this craft and re-pin away!

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