Thursday, August 8, 2013

Seattle Rainy Day Crayon Art

You will need:
Crayons in shades of blue
Super glue or crazy glue
Blow dryer or heat gun
Fake flowers
Blue painters tape
Sharpie paint pens in black and red
As I have mentioned before, I got a little crazy with crayon crafting after making my Crayon Heart... And after buying a bunch of crayons for my Flower Crayon Art and picking out all of the greens, I tried to think of what I could do with the other colors, and decided to make something with all of the leftover blue ones!

To start, I glued on all my blue crayons across the top of my canvas, with all the labels turned out so they all matched. Next, I covered the area where my umbrella girl would be with tape. (Confession: I used plain ol' scotch tape because I did not have any painters tape at the time. However, I am sure painters tape would work MUCH better)

After melting the crayons down the canvas using my blow dryer, I removed the tape *immediately* so that the wax wouldn't harden and I wouldn't end up peeling off any wax that was meant to stay on the canvas.
Now, I have another confession. I am HIGHLY not artistic in any way. So, to create my umbrella girl I printed out this picture and traced it to my canvas:

As you can tell, I edited the umbrella a bit because I wanted it to be covering her from the rain completely. I colored in my tracing with black and red Sharpie Paint Pens.

Finally, since I am from Seattle, and made this as a gift for a Seattle friend who moved to California, I added in the "Seattle" part with black and red Sharpie Paint Pens. Of course, this would be just as fun without that part, or with anything else you could think of to write below!

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  1. Super creative!! Thank you for sharing this. Love it!!

  2. Super creative!! Thank you for sharing this. Love it!!


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