Thursday, August 8, 2013

Flower Crayon Art

You will need:
Crayons in shades of green
Super glue or crazy glue
Blow dryer or heat gun
Fake flowers
After making my crayon heart, I got a little crayon crafting crazy and came up with this idea to make for my Mom as a Christmas present!
Unfortunately, I was unable to find anywhere online where I could buy only green crayons, and get different shades of green. (If anyone discovers where to do this- please let me know!) As a result, this took about 4 cases of crayons, and going through them to find the shades of green- luckily Michael's was having a buy one get one free sale on the packages that weekend! (And I found another use for all of the blue ones- here!)
First, I glued all of the crayons with the labels facing up to one side of my canvas. I find if all the labels are facing the same way it makes the overall effect much nicer.
I then heated the crayons until they melted with my blow dryer. The most difficult part was trying to follow just one or two of the melted paths upward to create a "stem" without just making it look like the grass went all the way up.
One you have your "stems" created- attach your favorite fake flowers to the canvas with some super glue!
I also re-created this craft without the crayons actually on the canvas itself - here
Click here to get to my original Pinterest post of this and re-pin away!

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