Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DIY Man Bouquet!

You will need:
A beer mug (or other base)
Wood sticks
Some small items that are your man's favorite things
Hot glue gun
The first step is to get a customized beer mug. You can either buy a mug and get it engraved, or order one that will arrive already engraved. A lot of groomsmen and wedding sites have these available, as they are a popular groomsmen gift. Here is an example of a site, or you can just Google "Engraved beer mug" and find your favorite.

You could also use any random vase, or a terracotta pot that you could paint his favorite color, etc:

Next, I went to Michaels to buy the wooden skewer stick things, and some Styrofoam to stick into the mug so that the sticks will stay in the location you set them. The wooden skewer sticks are also sold in much longer versions at hardware stores such at Lowe's, and could be cut or broken down to size from those ones as well.

The sytrofoam is very important, otherwise they will move and rotate and will not look good- I tried it without the foam first. I actually bought some of this green sytrofoam- it's pretty easy to cut with a knife and turn it into the same shape as your container:
The next step is to gather all the items you want to use in the bouquet! You can really put in any items that you want that you know the man likes. Candy bars, bags of chips, etc. Anything that is pretty light and won't break your wooden sticks, because they are generally not that strong! Here's the items I used:

 I found the mini plastic shot glasses at my local Safeway grocery store. You want plastic ones because the glass ones will be too heavy for the wooden sticks and will probably break them.
Airplane shots are easy to find wherever liquor is sold near you! Same goes for cigars and a local cigar store.
The little money tissue pack I found randomly at Cost-Plus World Market.
To make the custom beer logo signs like this one:

 I used this site:
And simply saved them and printed them out on some card stock. The graphics are free!

The last step is to super glue all of your items to the wood sticks, and insert into the Styrofoam. I broke off the bottom of the ones I wanted closer down. I also put some red tissue paper randomly around in the area where the sticks hit the Styrofoam because it wasn't very pretty looking and I wanted to hide it! :)

Before I put in the Twix bar:

Click here to get to my original Pinterest post of this craft and re-pin away! :)

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  1. Everything about this post is so freakin cool! Thank you for the tutorial and handy links!


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