Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hollow Ombre Wine Cork Heart

You will need:
Wine corks
A wooden backdrop (see suggestion below)
Hot glue gun, or some other form of glue
As I mention in my other wine cork heart post, the best site to get your wooden backdrop is build-a-cross.com. Yes, it sounds like an intense Christian site, but it has nice wood cut outs of almost any shape you could want!
I bought the 12-inch open heart, HERE is the direct link to it. Prices vary by size:
 Psst... They just e-mailed me a 25% off code "October25" that is supposed to be good through 12/31/13!
 The next step is to lay out all of your corks and organize by shade of red - you'll end up with a red wine cork rainbow!
Then, lay out your corks on the heart:
Once you've got a layout you like, super glue (or another glue) them down to the outline!
Here is the final product up on my wall with my large ombre wine cork heart:
(I also spy my globe craft!)
Have left over wine corks and need some other project ideas? How about:

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