Friday, October 11, 2013

DIY Mirror Tray From a Thrift Store Picture Frame

You Will Need:
An ornate thrift store frame
Silver spray paint
Krylon "Looking Glass" Spray paint
Here's what my tray originally looked like when I snagged it for $2 from Goodwill:
The frame definitely had some problems, and the gold finish was very worn off:
The first step in my makeover was to remove the glass, clean it well to remove all finger prints and anything else that might be stuck to it, and spray one side of the glass with the Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-Like Paint:

Make sure to follow the directions EXACTLY. You cannot just spray it like normal spray paint, it takes multiple very thin layers to get the correct effect! Here's what my glass looked like after:


You can tell the glass had been pretty beat up, since it's a thrift store find. However, those sections are hidden by the frame so it is not a problem!
The looking glass spray will not make your tray look exactly like it has a mirror on the bottom, but it should be fairly reflective! I knew mine would end up less reflective than it should given that the glass on the frame I found was labeled "Non-Reflecting," which is definitely not ideal for attempting to make a mirror... But I'm still happy with it, especially since I just found the frame and decided to do this on a whim, and hadn't been looking for an extended period of time or anything. :)
The next step is to spray the frame with a silver spray paint. Basically any type will do, I had some left over from a previous project that I used.
Frame before:

Once both your glass and frame have dried, simply put them back together. The side that you sprayed with the mirror spray paint should be down, and the other side should be the side that is up and showing:
Next, you will want to take some felt and attach it to the back of your frame to prevent it from scratching up any surface it is put onto. I also removed the frame stand from the back of mine first before doing this. Simply put a layer of mod podge onto the FRAME first, and then lay down your piece of felt.
Next came the decision of what to put on my tray!
I added an adorable teacup that I found a few months ago at Goodwill and was the inspiration for my tea and sugar remodel, here and filled it with some jewelry that I still love visually, but I tend to never wear anymore.
The dried flowers and sea shells were already on my dresser. And of course I love my tiny Tiffany's box from Tiffany's that I keep my Pi Phi sorority pin in! If you want one, you can get it from Tiffany's here!
 Also, see that silver crown earring holder? It used to be black, but I simply sprayed it with the same silver I used for the frame:
I think I bought it from Claire's or something about 10 years ago...

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Glitter No Carve Halloween Pumpkin

You will need:
A pumpkin
Glue of some sort
Hi-Gloss lacquer
I was trying to think of some cute pumpkin crafts that wouldn't involve any carving (rawr I hate carving!), and I came up with this little idea!
The pumpkin is actually one of the fake ones you can buy from Michaels that you can carve (only I didn't!), but of course this would work just as well with a real pumpkin! :)
Simply use any type of glue you have, make the shape of a web, and coat with glitter. After the glue dries, use a clean, dry paintbrush to brush in the holes between the lines because the glitter will still be stuck in areas where there isn't any glue, and this will get that excess glitter off of your pumpkin!
Next, spray the entire pumpkin with a layer of hi-gloss lacquer like this one:
This will keep the glitter from falling off everywhere, which is especially useful for if you are decorating a fake pumpkin that you plan to keep for future years!
For the spider, I grabbed the little guy already glittered from Michaels for about $2, but you could definitely make your own spider, or find a spider and glitter it using a layer of mod podge and then glitter, following by the lacquer again to seal it.
Happy Halloween everyone!!

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